Volumise Under Eyes & Diminish Dark Circles with Eye Regen

Question: ‘After losing a lot of weight, I now have sunken under eyes and dark circles, though the rest of my face, now slimmer, still looks youthful. I feel like my eyes make me look older than the rest of my face and my age, which is 29. Despite trying various types of make-up, including concealers and brighteners, to cover my hollows and dark circles, it didn’t make much of a difference. So, I decided to look up treatments and while there seems to be many dermal fillers out there to plump under eyes, they don’t really help with brightening dark under eyes. Thus, I am looking for a treatment that volumises sunken skin and reduces dark circles. Is there such a treatment?’ – Brenda, London

Answer: Eye Regen bestows a boost of natural volume while diminishing dark circles by combining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from a patient’s own blood, which minimises allergic reaction and infection, with a hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that attracts and binds water, filler.  Normally, two to three treatments, 45 minutes each, are needed to restore more youthful plumpness and beautifully brighten sunken under eyes with dark circles, minus any downtime or aggravation. What’s more, for lines and creases, such as crow’s feet, mesotherapy (micro-needling and PRP) will smooth creased skin, making this the ultimate triple treat for hollow, dark under eyes with lines.

After the sunken, dark under eye area is cleaned, a topical anaesthetic cream is smoothed on. (Each under eye is done one at a time.) Meanwhile, 4ml of blood is drawn and centrifuged to obtain the platelets (blood cells) and plasma (the liquid component of the blood). The PRP is combined with an anti-coagulant (to stop the blood from clotting) and 2% non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. The cream is wiped away from one of the sunken, dark under eyes and the area is cleaned and marked. Then, before the PRP and HA mixture is injected into the area (the tear trough), local anaesthetic is administered into the injection site for more numbing comfort.

The PRP and HA mixture fill and brighten hollow under eyes and dark circles in several ways: the HA filler creates a scaffold that draws water adding more youthful plumpness, while the platelets in the PRP stimulate stem cell proliferation and dermal collagen and elastin production, thicken the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), increase blood supply and more to tighten, fill and brighten hollows and dark circles. What’s more, the plasma proteins in the PRP help to create a fibrin scaffold that hold the platelets in place and help to release their growth factors evenly to rejuvenate sunken under eyes and dark circles and more. Plus, the fibrin gel also adds more volume.

Post-treatment, there is a slight risk of bruising and swelling and patients should avoid exercise, hot showers or baths 24 hours after and also avoid facials for the next two weeks. Anyone with a blood disorder, history of cancer or on blood-thinning drugs should avoid this treatment. Patients can expect an immediate volumising, smoothing boost (two treatments are recommended to see a delightful difference) and for dark circles, a more radiant, well-rested look in three months (two treatments are recommended).

Eye Regen, the more natural way to volumise hollows, smooth away lines without botox and brighten dark circles, from £650, is available from The Skin Energy Clinic, Mayfair, London.

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