Editor's Blog — 24 April 2013
Blog Post: What is Evolving Beauty Magazine?

Is it a green blog? Why are they talking about cosmetic treatments?—Our editor gives you the scoop on why she started Evolving Beauty magazine, why she wanted to change the beauty industry and what EB magazine is all about:

Before I become a journalist in this industry, I found that I was reading five beauty magazines for five different reasons and 10 online beauty sites for 10 different reasons.  All this specialising was categorising me in 15 different ways. I’m not soley defined by the yellow undertones in my skin. I’m not just looking for something to volumise my flat, straight hair. I’m not just looking for affordable organic products. I’m tired of wondering why the images on these mags don’t show diversity. The truth is, I’m all of it and more. And I want one place to find it all and more. Finally, after five years of working as a journalist in the beauty industry, I decided to change it by making Evolving Beauty magazine.

It’s a place where women of different ethnicities, ages, skin and hair types, married with children, single, eco warriors, organic lovers, cancer sufferers and more could find a beauty magazine that speaks to them as a whole person through a full spectrum of beauty. And it’s a beauty magazine where anyone could actually find products, tips or treatments to suit them, not the other way around, as in, ‘You should suit this’.

Moreover, it’s a magazine that takes a stance on cosmetic beauty treatments. Although Evolving Beauty magazine presents cosmetic beauty treatments from the standpoint of rejuvenation, whether it’s in the Cosmetic Beauty Treatments or Beauty Q and A pages, I keep to the facts and let the readers decide. I don’t judge the reasons why people are doing it because I don’t know them. All I can say, is if you are going to do it, here is the safest treatment we’ve found. More importantly, I make sure to define all the medical terms. We are all intelligent women and we should be spoken and treated as intelligent women. But at the same time, I make sure to keep the writing fun and interesting. Because, I had years of listening to boring biology lectures in university.

So Evolving Beauty magazine isn’t a green mag or cosmetic beauty treatments mag or just-posting-anything-for-the-sake-of-it mag. The beauty behind it: By not making this magazine a blog and by not focusing on just one topic and through quality articles, we are finally getting what we all want: Beauty for All.

If you have any questions or want to see something on Evolving Beauty, email me at: editor@evolvingbeauty.co.uk



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